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Chancellor's Committee on Campus Morale

The Chancellor's Committee on Campus Morale (CCCM) was created at a meeting between the Chancellor and Staff Assembly in the Fall of 1999. Completely independent of Staff Assembly, the CCCM was comprised of a representative group of faculty and staff members and was formed in order to explore and report on the factors affecting employee morale at UCR. The focus of the CCCM was on universal issues affecting all campus employees.

CCCM Mission Statement:

Identify and Recommend Positive Actions in the Pursuit of Excellent Employee Morale.

Committee Members:

The following individuals from the UCR community served as members of the CCCM:

Sue Anderson
Romanie Arterberry
Cindy Bandelean
Roseanna Barron-Lopez
Paul Beehler
Andrea Briggs
Aaron Bushong
Jim Calavan
Dolores Cordova
Terry DeAnda
Paul Ditty
Norm Ellstrand
Lindy Fenex
Bob Gill
Linda Gutterud
Mary Johnson
Brent Kahle
Pat Knapik
Gena Lozoya
Theron Lyon
Connie McGrath
Rod Nakayama
Linda Owen
Dan Rios
Nasser Salomon
Art Santore
William Schmechel
Dan Shalliol
Sarah Sharp-Aten
Ken Simons
Maggie Souder
Kathy Wetherell

CCCM Accomplishments


Inquiries regarding the work of the Chancellor's Committee on Campus Morale should be referred to the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost

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